We founded our specialty coffee roaster in Prague as baristas and coffee culture enthusiasts. Come and share this enthusiasm with us with our espresso and filter coffee. We are Candycane coffee and we will prepare coffee as sweet as candy for you.

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hazelnut, dark chocolate, candied fruit

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Candycane coffee podcast

We open topics that the coffee community closes its eyes to.


Learn more about coffee

According to us, the coffee community deserves more opportunities to meet, connect and further educate in their field.

What you will learn
Our goal is to give you the exact piece of information suitable whether you are a beginner coffee enthusiast or an advanced barista. In more than 10 years in the coffee world, we have gone through many businesses and trainings with the leading personalities of the coffee world and we use their knowledge for our own training system.
How we teach
We have built a great ratio of theoretical and practical training for clients to enrich both beginners and advanced baristas. For us, the world of specialty coffee is based on responsibility for history, the need to understand the biology of coffee and sufficient training to consolidate knowledge.
Coffee consultations
Are you opening the business of your dreams? Do you wish to keep up with modern gastronomy? Do you want to set up a suitable coffee program at your workplace? We can find answers to all questions together.


You say: "Coffee?" We say: "No problem!"