We are Candycane coffee, a roaster under the leadership of leading Czech coffee experts. We focus on selected coffee. We can prepare and take care of the coffee program in your cafe and office. You say: "Coffee?" We say: "No problem!"



Ondřej Štoksa

Ondřej gathered more than fifteen years of professional experience in leading cafes such as Café Lounge or EMA espresso bar. In 2013, he was the third best at the Czech Championship in the latte art category. In 2016, he became the second runner-up of the Czech Republic in the Barista of the Year competition. He decided to use his experience in the coffee industry in a different way and started roasting coffee. The first project he implemented was the Kapitán Arabica micro roaster. He transferred the experience gained from an internship at an established British roaster and information from workshops with a prominent roasting expert, Scott Rao, to the Candycane coffee roaster, where he takes care of roasting production and quality control as head roaster.


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Jaroslav Slámečka

Jarda has been active in the coffee environment for over ten years. He gathered knowledge in companies such as Kavárna Pražirna, Mezi Zrnky, Kafe Karlín and onesip coffee. Experience from various types of operations and completed training from leading figures in the coffee scene such as Gwilym Davies and Scott Rao are put to good use in the framework of consultations, training and lectures. He acted as a technical and sensory judge in the Czech Republic coffee preparation championship. In his free time, he makes coffee-themed videos for his YouTube channel 365 cups of coffee. Do not hesitate to contact him with any question.


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Zdeněk Hýbl

Together with Adam, Zdeněk is behind one of the best Prague cafes, Onesip Coffee. To make matters worse, they embarked on another project, the Candycane coffee roaster. Zdeněk also competed several times and won the barista championship of the Czech Republic in 2019. In the roastery, he represents Ondra as the second roaster and at the same time takes care of the technical equipment and the smooth running of all the machines. He will be happy to connect and operate all the coffee technology in your cafe, which of course he will also help you choose.



Jan Hrňa

Honza has been in the coffee industry for over eight years. He mainly gained experience as a barista in cafes in Brno and Prague. He also took part in the Czech Barista of the Year competition several times, where he won 4th place in 2016. All the while, he not only expanded his knowledge, but also trained and developed his taste memory, for example thanks to the Nordic Approach sensory training. At Candycane coffee, he is primarily responsible for the selection and purchase of green coffee beans, as well as logistics, administration and the purchase of equipment.



Adam Gaszczyk

Adam hides a bit and you rarely meet him, but his role in the roastery is one of the most important. In fact, he takes care of everything in the roastery. Thanks to his experience and patience, he won and handled all the necessary official permits and now takes care of the smooth running and financial side of the whole roastery. Thanks to his feeling for sensorics, he was chosen as a judge of the Czech Aeropress Championship 2017.


from 2022

We are members of the Specialty Coffee Association


We always try to guarantee you the most consistent product possible. Therefore, each coffee has its own roasting profile and the given size of the batch we roast. We currently have four production days a week, when we roast, package and then ship the coffee. It may therefore happen that you will receive coffee with different roasting dates if you order a larger quantity. We recommend letting the coffee rest for at least 14 days after roasting.

Lectures + Cuppings

In our opinion, the coffee community deserves more opportunities to meet, network and further educate themselves in their field. During our time in the coffee industry, we have managed to gain a lot of experience and we appreciate every opportunity to pass it on to others. Expect invitations to lectures, workshops, tastings and other enriching meetings. Likewise, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to organize an event focused on premium coffee and are looking for expert speakers.

Coffee consultation

Thinking of opening a coffee shop? Looking for the right kind of training for your staff? Are you thinking about buying new devices for use? Are you considering changing the coffee program in your company or office? Thanks to the experience gathered from various types of operation, we are ready to pass on our experience to you, advise you on the selection and answer all your questions.


Whether you are an amateur, an enthusiast or a professional, we can tailor training for you. Our scope is wide and we can prepare for you not only a practical course related to coffee preparation (espresso, filtered coffee, latte art), but we can also focus on theoretical topics such as botany, cafe ergonomics, operator psychology, service training and many others.

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