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Timemore – digital scale

Black Mirror Single Sensor

Timemore Black Mirror Single Sensor is a modern electronic scale for pour-over brewing methods. Great for home baristas as well as for professionals working in busy coffee spots. Among its advantages, you can name the time and weight control, Bluetooth connection and unique design.

The Black Mirror Single Sensor has one built-in sensor - it shows the total weight of the water you add.

Most of us can't even make a coffee without a scale
There are two simple reasons for this:
Make a great cup - because you know all the values, ie the weight of the coffee, the weight of the water and the time, you can easily repeat it and find out.
You will prepare a bad cup of coffee - because you know all the values, ie weight of coffee, weight of water and time, you can make adjustments to the image of your tastes.
Other features of this scale are the setting options (weighing / stopwatch) and its water resistance, which will make your life even easier.
It really pays to invest in a good, functional scale, it saves time and improves your preparation.
- measuring range from 0.5 g to 2 kg
- measuring time
- automatic shutdown in idle
- integrated rechargeable battery (cable included)
- silicone pad

  • Manufacturer Timemore (CN)
  • Availability in stock
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