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Slow Tip Nuova Simonelli


Steam Tip - smaller diametres - 4x1,2mm
For Nuova Simonelli.

The Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino coffee machines have the power of locomotive to steam up milk drinks.
Steaming a small amount of milk can be very difficult. If you replace the existing "fast tip" with this "slow tip", the steaming of the milk will be more accurate, more controllable and the milk froth will be beautifully velvety at all times, regardless of its amount.
From roastery team
"The steaming wand may be a good servant, but a bad lord. 'Since Victoria Arduino is the main sponsor of the World Championship, slow tips are also standard in competitions. I can't imagine steaming at all with fast tips in that stress, unless I steamed a whole liter of milk at once, haha :) "
Zdeněk Hýbl

  • Manufacturer Nuova Simonelli (IT)
  • availability in stock
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