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Las Cruces – El Salvador

gingerbread, chocolate fudge, baked apples

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Another year has passed and we have again prepared a traditional Christmas edition for you. Behold Made Mama Proud #5! As Jarda would say: "May all moms be happy :-)".

This year was supposed to be an exceptional year for Jarda as he was supposed to go on his first big coffee trip to El Salvador to source coffee for this special Christmas limited edition. Do you know how much he anticipated it? Dreaming of cherries, drying, fermentations, all night long... But then the covid came and Jarda was forced to stay home, in Prague. Fortunately though, our friend Jamie Jongkind from Nordic Approach managed to leave earlier and he brought us this beautiful coffee, which he processed experimentally himself! He even processed it by three different methods, but this anaerobic natural process was the indisputable "Christmas in a mug". Please enjoy this Christmas limited coffee and keep your fingers crossed for Jarda, so he will get to source your next holiday coffee cup directly in the year 2021.

But what is so special about Jamie's input in this particular coffee? On his way to the Salaverria family's farms, Jamie asked to process really high-quality micro lots so that he could carry out a special anaerobic fermentation with them before the cherries were further processed. For this process, he chose the Bourbon variety, which matured at higher altitudes around 1750 meters above sea level. Immediately after harvesting and sorting, whole cherries were fermented in barrels for 72 hours without air. From the barrel, the cherries traveled straight to the elevated African beds, where they were dried about 40% of the time, and then moved to the classic concrete patios for the remaining 60% of the time needed for drying. And the result?

Incredibly sweet, gingerbread, Christmas funky coffee!


  • Producer Jose Antonio Salaverria/ Jamie Jongkind
  • Region Santa Ana
  • Elevation 1 750 m a.s.l.
  • Variety Bourbon
  • Process anaerobic natural
  • Crop 2020
  • Cupping score 88
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