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Anfim Pratica

His predecessors were already holders, much like the indestructible Toyota Hillux in the automotive world, which the Top Gear teammate tried to destroy, drown, and knock off the rock in an effort to keep the engine from jumping.
In the Anfim grinder, the grinding stones are changed every few years and have been operating for decades. Of course, provided you take good care of him.
Anfim now belongs to the Hermo Group, which also includes Mahlkonig and Ditting. The similarity of Pratica with the Mahlkonig E65 is therefore not accidental and the grinders are practically identical.
Pratica has large flat grinding stones that help single-origin coffees shine a little more than conical stones. Compared to its predecessors, Pratica is quieter, less lumps and is more accurate when dosing, so "win / win"!
"We all have a great weakness for the Anfim, because we all started with them. It was still a time with knockers (dispenser with a lever, as in old grinders), and the Barista of the Year was set on Friday during training and competed with him on Saturday… He was so stable and with his modern incarnation, Pratica, it is quite similar but even better. "
Zdeněk Hýbl

  • Manufacturer Anfim (IT)
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