We are Candycane coffee, a roastery lead by the renowned Czech coffee specialists. We are solely focused on providing specialty coffee. We are also able to put together a coffee plan for your café or office to make sure you are always stocked with exceptional coffee. You say, “Coffee?” we say “No problem!”


Ondřej Štoksa

Ondřej has acquired more than fifteen years of experience in leading cafes such as Café Lounge nebo EMA Espresso Bar. In 2013 he placed third in the Czech National Championships in the category of latte art. In 2016 he came in the third place at the Czech Republic’s Barista of the Year competition. He then decided to utilize his skills from the field of coffee differently, and began roasting coffee. The first project he realized was the micro-roastery "Captain Arabica". He went on to transfer the experience he gathered from internship from established British roastery and workshops with coffee roasting expert Scott Rao to Candycane coffee, where he is the head roaster and is in charge of roasting and quality control.


Right wing

Jaroslav Slámečka

Jarda has been active in the coffee scene for more than ten years. He has gained knowledge through working in such cafes as Kavárna Pražírna, Mezi Zrnky, Kafe Karlín and onesip coffee. He also utilizes his experience from training with leading coffee scene players like Gwilym Davies and Scott Rao in his consultations, training sessions, and lectures. In last years he became technical and sensory judge in Czech barista championship. In his spare time he enjoys recording coffee-themed videos for his Youtube Channel 365 cups of coffee. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jarda directly if you have any questions.


Left wing

Zdeněk Hýbl

Zdeňek and Adam are the driving force behind one of the best cafes in Prague - onesip coffee. As if this wasn’t enough, they went on to another project, Candycane coffee. In 2019 he become national champion in barista competition and finished 23rd on world barista championship. Zdeněk takes care of the technical side of things and makes sure all of the machines are running smoothly. He is more than happy to come to your cafe and set up various coffee equipment and get it working, and can also help you choose what’s right for you. As he Cooperate with Ondrej, Zdenek is second roaster in Candycane coffee.



Jan Hrňa

Honza has been active in the coffee scene for more than 5 years. He has gained most of his experience by working in cafes in Brno and Prague. He has also taken part in the Czech Republic’s Barista of the Year competition several times, winning 4th place in 2016. Over this whole time, he has not only been expanding his knowledge but also training and developing his palette, for example at Nordic Approach sensory workshop he attended. At Candycane Coffee he is in charge of selecting and ordering green coffee beans, logistics and administration.



Adam Gaszczyk

It is hard to meet Adam because he is in hiding most of the time. But his role in the roastery is the key one. He is in charge of everything.
His experience and patience helped us acquire all of the necessary permits to get started, and now he keeps everything running smoothly, and takes care of the financial side of things. For his splendid sensory skills he become one of judges in 2017 Czech aeropress championship.



To ensure we provide the most consistent product we have chosen to work with one roast profile and one batch size per coffee. The batch is then used to complete all orders placed. As a result, you may receive mixed roast dates or you may find your coffee has been roasted up to 1 week prior to shipment. We have 3 production days per week with subsequent expedition. We do recommend waiting 14 days after the roast date before you start enjoying our coffee.

Lectures and cuppings

We strongly believe the coffee community is in need of more opportunities to come together, connect, and learn from one another. From our time working in the coffee world, we have been able to gain a lot of experience, and we are always looking for opportunities to pass it along to others. You can expect invitations to lectures, workshops, cuppings, and other enriching gatherings. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re putting on a coffee event and are looking for professional lecturers.


Are you planning to open a cafe? Are you looking for the right type of training for your employees? Are you thinking about buying new equipment for your business? Are you considering changing your coffee program in your workplace? Thanks to the experience we’ve drawn from a wide variety of business endeavors, we are fully prepared to pass on our experience, advise you on selection, and answer any questions you might have.


Regardless of whether you’re an amateur, enthusiast, or professional, we are able to deliver tailor-make training programs specifically suited to your needs. Our scope is wide and we can prepare courses not only on practical coffee preparation (espresso, filter coffee, latte art), but also on theoretical topics such as botanicals, the ergonomics of the cafe, the psychology of customer service, how to train employees, and many more.


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